This is the best TANK! game ever created. In the fantastically 80's vein of classic arcade games...TANK! is simple, fun and satisfying. Play someone else on your iPhone and relive all the fun that old skool video games used to be.

This is a two player game only, so be sure to be social or bring a friend.

*Friends Not Included


  1. TANK! v1.0

    So fantastically 80's!5

    Reviewed by: Chris Kapzynski

    Date of Review: September 25th 2010

    "This game is amazing! It brings back so many good memories of the days when chewing Bazooka gum for the comics and drinking Dr. Pepper when the world still believed in glass bottles while battle some friends at some good ole' fashion 8 bit action. A must have! Siskal and Ebert gave it two thumbs up and Rolling Stone Magazine rated it the #1 game of the year! So what are ya whatin' for...Get Tank'd!

  2. TANK! v1.0

    Ehhh, hard5

    Reviewed by: Playing with myself

    Date of Review: September 24th 2010

    "The controls are kinda awkward. But the idea is really cute. They have one obstacle level stage. So changing it up would be pretty nice. It's like the original game or the on one the wii. It's worth the dollar though.

  3. TANK! v1.0

    A retro blast!5

    Reviewed by: gamerguy80

    Date of Review: September 23th 2010

    "Just bought/downloaded yesterday and have played it a bunch of times. I love it is a 2 player game and played it many times with my daughter. She thinks it is a bit simplistic, but I think that is the charm-takes me back. Took a bit of getting used to the controller as it is a bit small for my fat little fingers, but my daughter had no problems. I did get used to it. A fun game to play and would love to see more levels or an option for different obstacles, but please keep it old school. Worth my 99 cents just to play a game at the same time with someone."

Note: these testimonials are are by friends, so they are a little biased. If you like it, write a review in the app store, and I'll include it here.


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