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Cloudflare effects on users

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For the last few years I have been using cloudflare in front of editthis.info. On the 21st I dropped it, and saw an immediate decrease in average load times (from google analytics):


This was without any changes to the system at all, and with about 800-900 active users per day.

Also, as mentioned in my previous blog post, in cloudflare's dashboard, it reports a massive number of malicious attacks that they have thwarted.


These are either inflated numbers, or more worrying actual users who couldn't get past their overly vigorous captcha screening process.

I look forward to seeing how this effects user counts overall - some could be from the speed boast and some from lack of captchas. In either case, I won't be using cloudfront again. I am going to set up a simple nginx proxy in front of the website, and implement some caching there to help increase the speed even further.