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What happens when you round 3.6 ---> you get 4.

What about in a game? Should every time a player kills 3.6 of an enemy, should it be really 4?

Probably not, but the math might have that happen all of the time. It should be that it rounds up 60% of the time. Over time, the average player would then kill 3.6 enemies, without having to deal without the sticky philosophical questions of an enemy that is 40% alive.

Here is a little function that will prevent that. (in JS, but easy to convert)

 //adjusts a value up or down to nearest int with a random factor 
 //based upon the decimal value. i.e. 3.2 has a 80% chance of being 3, 20% of 4 var randRound = function(num){
 var num = Number(num);
 var floor = Math.floor(num);
 var dec = num - floor;
 return floor;
 return Math.ceil(num);