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cueFlash now on Slicehost

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After being on Dreamhost for a long time, I have switched for Slicehost. They have great uptime, cheaper prices, and allows you to do more geeky things with your webserver.

This isn't a big jab against Dreamhost though. I am still a big user of them, but their VPS service doesn't give me the configuration ease that I need. Too many times I am harassing their customer service to do X, where X would have been something I could do in 5 minutes with root access. If I were a more basic user (as I used to be) they would be golden, and most of my requests would go against serving basic users.

I will slowly be pulling bits and pieces of other sites (such as editthis.info and constantsail) over to slicehost, and then just using dreamhost for subversion and domain registration management.

Some discount codes:
Dreamhost: RobKohr
Slicehost: https://manage.slicehost.com/customers/new?referrer=38c309ee9e8ab330cb30559973734835