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Dolphin Dream


Had a crazy dream where I was preparing to climb up the cliff face of a cove. After stopping at a little wooden shack that rented out the climbing equipment I headed down to the water. It was a beautiful blue and it was cold and refreshing. The cove was a deep lake that was surrounded by huge cliffs, and at the end was an opening out into the ocean. I was supposed to climb into the water and swim to the area where you climb up. When I got in the water I looked down and an orca swam up to me with is mouth open and I could see his teeth. Everyone in the group including me was scared that it was about to attack, but it stopped and I petted its head and it was happy. It stuck out its tongue and I petted that too and it was all smooth and slippery. Then a porpoise came up and I petted it too. It was a pretty happy dream.