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Google plus is pretty great


Starting to re-find my love of google+. Facebook tends to just be a collection of highschool and other old friends' updates about their lives: marriage, kids, etc. It is nice to browse, but in the end I don't think I get much from it. Also, since I was in politics for a while, and made a lot of political friends, my stream is full of posts that agree with my political views, which really I would rather see more disagreement.

I liked twitter for a while as the people on there weren't followed because they were friends, but because they had things to say that I wanted to learn about. The trouble is that those little snippets of text that are artificially constrained just leads to a bunch of link bait and self-promotion. 

Google+ is the best of both worlds. It has some IRL friends which I created a circle for, the posts are long form, and often don't require me to go off some link to find basic stuff (unless I want to read more), there isn't so much self promotion, and most importantly when I scroll through the stream I learn more, and see a great diversity of opinions.