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I am surprised it took people this long to strap a gun to a quadrocopter. Unf...


I am surprised it took people this long to strap a gun to a quadrocopter. Unfortunately, FPS is right. This is the future. Though I can see a person controlling a semi-autonomous squad of them rather than just a single one.

One would be the eyes of the operator, and with a mouse he could click multiple targets and the copters would swarm attack independently. He could then click on a map to have them move to the next zones of combat, and of course fly back to the recharge vehicle automatically when needed.

As with anything, there will be countermeasures. I am sure radio interference would be one of the first ones, hence the need for semi-autonomous operation. But I am sure, a signal will always get through. Targeting and destroying these little buggers will be a pain too, and it looks like they could be mass produced cheaply (and exploded rather than return for a recharge). In the end, you probably need to either cut off communications with the operator or eliminate the operator (if possible since this could be all the way across the world).

This technology is an obvious evolution of warfare, but I think more interesting will be the countermeasures.

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