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I think conspiracy theories are sometimes conspiracy in themselves.


I think conspiracy theories are sometimes conspiracy in themselves. 

ZeroHedge put the RT as a bullet point, and feel that it requires a little comment. 

I think that the RT is nothing more than a russian news puppet show that is similar to our leaflet bombings of enemies in prior wars. Their purpose is to destabilize the US. Just like our leaflet campaigns, it is very convenient when those in power are doing horrible things, because you just need to spread the truth that suits your mission.

The RT is a fantastic source of info, but keep in mind who is pulling the strings. I am still awaiting their scathing commentary on Putin or the situation in Chechnya. 

All news sources & blogs have an agenda, or are backed by someone with an agenda. Identify that agenda, and allow the recognition of that agenda be a filter for every word they say. News is great for information, but only in the same way that the words of a poker player should be carefully considered when they are talking about their own hand.

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