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Inserting political messaging into education


10 Other books to ban immediately.png

The actual samples of things the press actually show from the rejection list are things like math textbooks using "What me, racist?" and then having the student use racial bias data that is questionable to solve a problem. This is subtly pushing the racial focused narrative, and they are finding it in a huge number of textbooks, which clearly is a way of pushing a message into kids with a million little cuts.

The message may be right or wrong depending on your opinion, but even if right, it is wrong to try to indoctrinate a belief by sprinkling it throughout all coursework. That is propaganda and with the subtleness that they are doing it, brainwashing.

Also, note that the American Federation of Teachers president that shared a list of banned books retracted it, because the books were not actually banned and the information was fake.

This is much more nuanced, and there is a real problem that is being addressed. If conservatives were controlling education and trying to insert their message everywhere in subtle ways to little kids, wouldn't you feel pretty pissed off? It is tempting to indoctrinate the mass of future adults with your beliefs through little levers as they are a captive audience in the education system, but that is not a situation that should be abused for even righteous goals. Let them form their own opinions and just teach them the subject they are being taught.