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Instaboardgame.com - play board games instantly with friends

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Instaboardgame will be a place for people to instantly play and create boardgames with their friends wherever they may be.

Think of it like a big box of board game pieces that you can pull out and start playing with.

To start with, you create a table, then you can either import in a prebuilt game, or you can pull out pieces and drop them in, and you and others who have joined can start playing with them.

Only the table creator needs to have an account, and users can just join with the private share link that the creator provides.

Table creators can have up to one free table per account, and that table will maintain it's state for up to 1 week. If you have a subscription, you can have up to 5 tables and they will maintain their state for as long as you like. If you have a pro account, you can have up to 100 tables that you can manage, and you can set users to be admins of the tables. This is ideal for tournaments.