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It looks like SOPA and PIPA have likely been stopped as politicians have drop...


It looks like SOPA and PIPA have likely been stopped as politicians have dropped support for it.

It was a great move for freedom, but on a more sour grapes note: where was this outpouring of popular dissent when so many non-internet freedoms have been taken away.

It looks as though without yesterday's actions these bills had a good chance of passing. This was really a story of the internet giants stepping up to government to oppose something that would have destroyed their freedoms. They attacked the government by raising awareness of the issue to the general public which had a mutual interest in protecting these freedoms.

And the people marched (called) on their representatives to voice their disapproval.

The problem is that many freedoms aren't relied on by corporations in a position to raise awareness. When a bill was signed by Obama that gave the right to lock up individuals without due process, google didn't change their logo to show someone trapped in a cage.

I am not suggesting that they should have taken a stand on that issue, as they are a corporation, and a corporation's mission is not to be a political activist (unless it has an need to be). What I am suggesting is that people need to be informed about what is going on in government. Many people thing that politics aren't interesting and don't involve them. Yet politics shape the direct reality of their day to day life.

Laws are written about what you can say, do, and who you can associate with. Proposals are made to raise taxes, cut or add services, inflate away the value of your money, and adjust how much the government can monitor and track all forms of speech.

The internet corporations have successfully fought for their freedoms because they are informed. Individuals need to do the same.