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Movie Review: Press Play


Being a fan of time travel movies, and my wife being a fan of romantic time-travel movies, this was an easy choice. This is a story of a girl who lost the love her life in a tragic accident, and getting a chance to go back in time to save him with at time traveling mix tape. The catch is that she can only go back to individual moments captured by the songs in the mix tape and only for the length of that song.

The love this couple felt for each other really got me in the heartstrings. If you have ever been truly head over heels for someone that you would be willing to throw your whole life away for them and even die just to be with them a little longer (or at least dream of that love) then this movie will be instantly relatable to you. This is not a cutesy Meg Ryan kinda romance. This one hits hard, and is amazing.

The time travel mechanic slice of the movie is also amazing as well. It is great with how limited it is, and the main character, with how deeply she is damaged with his death, and how much she wants to save him is reckless and not carefully logical with how she uses it, which helps create some pain for the audience, but in a good way, and the resolution of the what she chooses shows how she grows as a character and leads to one of the most satisfying endings I have seen in a movie in a long time.

This movie really has you connect deeply to her struggle, from the death that you can never get over, even when others are moving on, to the pain of having what you have be so close, but you can never quite fix things.

The lead character was deep, flawed, interesting, and so well formed that I could get a good feel on who she really was as a person. The boyfriend and sister also did a fine job, and it was a pleasant surprise to see Danny Glover pop up in this movie, and while old, definitely not too old for this shit. He plays a record shop owner, and general wise old man who dishes out some advice - advice that I found as questionable as the lead character found, but gosh did he do it in a charming way.

Anyway, go see this darn movie. It is currently streaming on Hulu.