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Movie review: the stand in


2023-08-21 the stand in.png

In this movie, Drew Barrymore plays as both a slapstick comedy movie actor (Candy) that is famous, as well as her stand in (Paula).

In it Candy hates her career as a character that basically is a mix of Johnny Knoxville and Adam Sandler. The Paula is the person who is there to stand in for her and take the abuse.

Candy is a big drug/alcohol user, who blows up on set and for 5 years is out of business and just being a drunk in her mansion. Meanwhile she is having an online relationship with someone who is really into old style woodworking, and is really imagining living that lifestyle with him - a man she has has never met, neither knows what the other looks like, and has been talking to for over a year.

Being dependent on Candy, Paula ends up losing everything and living in her car.

The setup comes where due to claiming she failed to pay her taxes because of the alcoholism, she is court ordered to do rehab, and she gets the Paula to take her place there, and then the Paula starts to take over the rest of her life, including her online boyfriend.

It all gives the feeling of someone who doesn't appreciate what they have, just to have someone who appreciates it too much (Paula gets pretty underhanded) take it all away.

The movie is enjoyable as a dark comedy - nothing you will get laughs out of, but kinda a more darker version of Identity Thief. IMDB gave it a 4.7 out of 10, but I think that is because the movie sells itself differently then it is. This is more of a painful dark comedy similar to Very Bad Things. I love how Drew plays the two characters so differently that you they really feel like they were played by two different people, and then how Paula starts to transform when she enters the spotlight.

Drew's actress character reminded me a bit of Tom Green (who she was married to long ago) - someone who did oddball physical humor, but eventually dropped out of Hollywood to live a more rustic lifestyle - which is something that Candy dreams of. Drew has remained friends with Tom long after their breakup, and watching an interview with the two of them, I still see there is some good heartfelt love and caring. I feel that this movie is heavily inspired.

2023-08-21 Tom Green.png

This is a dark comedy that is full of lessons and suffering, I'd give this movie an 8 out of 10.