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Next.js vs Create-React-App

@tags=web-dev, react

When doing react, I have on worked with CRA up until now. I just took over a next.js app, and when built and deployed, it is speedy, but didn't like some of the details of development:

These are little nitpicks, and if CRA didn't exist, I would go with next, but I love the way CRA is more customizable regarding routing, and is just snappy for responsiveness. I also feel there is just too much gray area as to if something is being rendered on the server or the client, and as an ex-apache/php guy, I really am not a fan of worrying about server side rendering anymore.

The case where I would likely use next would be if I were building a static content based site where SEO and first page load times were everything. I also know gatsby is supposed to be good for this too, so I would do some side by side comparisons. Also SEO with react is pretty good as is.

In the end though, that isn't really something I do much of, so I'll be on CRA for the forseeable future.