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Oregon Delegate Convention & Romney Camp's Dirty Tricks

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So of the 13 delegates, we were able to get 11 of our slate elected in the first two ballots. We also got 2 out of the three electors and the treasurer position. Then the nastiness started. 

So two more ballots were not done. This is because to move forward to each ballot, the previous ballot must be completed by all of the other districts in the state. The next ballots were for alternate delegates - which some people running as delegates would be running for if they didn't get in as a regular delegate. Since the next ballots were contingent on the results from the other districts we were forced to wait, and wait, and wait. 

Keep in mind we were the second largest district in the state, and we finished hours beforehand for the first ballots and dutifully passed on our results to the other districts. When the Romney camp discovered that we were mopping up the floor with them, they realized they had to shut this thing down. 

They stalled the voting process in their district until 5pm, when the rules stated that the meeting had to be adjourned, and did so in their district. According to the rules we were not able to continue, and so were unable to vote for any of the alternate delegates (of which I was one ). We adjourned shortly afterwards. Two other districts were able to extend their time as well, but in the end they shut down as well (being the ballots could not be voted on without the results from the rogue district).

So from here it seems that the Republican Central Committee will be the one selecting the alternate delegates. I am none-to-hopeful about them selecting myself or anyone else on the Ron Paul slate as alternates.

In the end, we took most of the seats that mattered (the main delegates). As long as they don't find a way to take those from us, I will consider it a win. 

Best of luck to the remaining states, and be ever vigilant. Opponents to liberty play dirty.