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Perfect quote about the hard part about programming


"This is what I constantly tell my students: The hard part about doing a tech product for the most part isn't the what beginners think makes tech hard — the hard part is wrangling systemic complexity in a good, sustainable and reliable way.

Many non-tech people e.g. look at programmers and think the hard part is knowing what this garble of weird text means. But this is the easy part. And if you are a person who would think it is hard, you probably don't know about all the demons out there that will come to haunt you if you don't build a foundation that helps you actively keeping them away."

User atoav on https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38477057 about "You do need a technical co-founder"

Other funny thing to read about system complexity: https://grugbrain.dev/