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Stackoverflow instead of beating your head against the wall

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Often you will get deep in some code and come up against a wall. After working through it, and reading some documentation, if you haven't figured it out, it is time to go to stackoverflow.

I have been on stackoverflow for a little over 14 years now, and while I don't answer a lot of questions (there is a lot of competition for that) I have a lot of questions that I have asked and have given me a pretty respectable score, putting me in the top 6% of users (https://stackoverflow.com/users/101909/robkohr).

The best things to do, is clearly state the problem, provide concise code that shows the problem in a reproducible way, and then state what you would like to achieve.

Sometimes when I work hard at making a clear question on stack overflow, I end up figuring out the answer myself. This is kinda like rubber duck debugging, but instead of a rubber duck, you are talking to the internet.

Then you end up with being the person asking and answering the question and giving yourself double internet points... which is oh so important :)