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Telemarketing speed bump


Start a timer and see if you can beat your all time score. Just listen and talk to them. Remember, every 10 seconds you are on the phone, they are losing out on harassing someone else - you are really helping a lot of people and costing them money, thus destroying a bit of their scammy business. I call it being a telemarketing speedbump.

Find out everything about their product, but be hesitant and hard to sell to, but eventually relent. The best are vacation or auto warranty scams because there are an infinite amount of questions you can ask and ask again.

You will move up their call center to their top guys that close the deal. Then when you are need to give them your cc or ssn number, make something up. For the cc, use the first 8 digits of a real cc as those verify that it is real and associated with a provider. I then write out the last made up digits so I can repeat them. Each time you read the card number, read it fast, and switch around the digits and mumble.

Eventually they will figure out that you have been fucking with them, and oh boy the series of curses that will flow out of them. Eventually they will put you on a do not talk to list. They will call you, some times go “oh”, or maybe be pissy and hang up.

I think the service that calls you is different then who you eventually talk to. They hire the robodialer company, and sometimes they hire another agency to do the initial screening. Then they have the low level person that gets all of your info, and if they think they got a deal (a sucker) in hand, then they move you up to the real closer.

It is fun, and I have some made up names I rotate through and how many kids and all kinds of stuff. I am never rude - maybe a bit playful. I am not mad at the low pay workers that are grinding at this.

It is really their entire business that I hate. Almost all of them are built to fleece gullible people out of their money. Travel deals, auto warranties, student loan debts, computer virus fakers, amazon false charges, etc are not real businesses. Some really try to get into your phone and computer to rob your bank accounts. Student loan debt companies try to get into your federal student loan system and become your debt collector, but never paying off your loan.

They are EVIL, and the only way we take them down is by patiently talking to them… forever! If just 1% of people did this and acted like convincing targets, and kept them on for 10 minutes at a time, their business models would crumble. If you are reading this, you are now part of that 1% army that needs to be happily agreeable (but sometimes act skeptical to reel them in) to save the other 99% of mankind from this plague that has beset us. Take up your phone and take up the fight. If you record the call, post it up to tictok, youtube, or whatever with the hashtag #telemarketingspeedbump