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The uneasy peace of nuclear weapons.

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Just some thoughts I had after watching this video:

Simulation of a Nuclear Blast in a Major City


Nuclear weapons are the reason we haven't had multiple world wars since WWII. The game mechanics of warfare changed when any major conflict could lead to complete annihilation on both sides.

All wars since then have only be proxy wars through countries that are not nuclear armed. It makes it clear why countries such as NK and Iran would like to have these weapons. It makes them essentially un-invadable.

It reminds me of the movie bedazzled. I could imagine someone war-weary after WWII making a deal with the devil to make it so no major war won't happen again in their lifetime, and the wish was granted with nukes.

I wonder how many lives were saved by making the cold war not a hot war thanks to nukes, and if long run the debt of saving all those lives will have to be paid in full plus interest.