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USB micro and usb c Magnetic Charging Cables

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magnetic usb cables I have a bunch of devices that use micro-usb, and as such I have chargers for them everywhere, but inevitably the tips on those cables start to fail, and devices have to be wiggled around and set just right to charge. On top of it, the devices themselves start to wear down at the charging point.

Well no longer!

These guys click together with some strong magnets, and start charging the first try after hundreds of connections. The ports no longer wear out in the devices, and I have yet to see the cables fail to connect and charge immediately. On top of it the charging cables become universal, so when I got a usb-c device, I just put one of the tips in, and now I can connect it easily to every port in the house (which is now fully converted to just using these cables).

They are fantastic, and you should go pick some up.

Magnetic usb cables on amazon