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Why Generative AI Violates Copyright - for skeptics


There is a thread of thought about AI, that it isn't violating copyright, because, just like humans, it is just synthesizing new works from it's learning.

I was a little on the fence about this, but after a bit of mental wanderings, I side hard on the side that it is violating copyright. To get...

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Artificial Intelligence vs Computational Intelligence

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Youtube video for this: https://youtu.be/wb9hVUk3SS8

These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and there are many conflicting definitions that sometimes switch the roles of these terms.

To me, artificial intelligence is the effort to simulate the real intelligence of humans. For this...

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Failure state for computers and AI


Dishwasher that wouldn't run because it thought it wasn't draining but it was Car backup sensor thought there was something there, but wasn't and wouldn't let me back up, but car had an override The airplane that they were pulling up in, but ignoring the stall warning Teslas that people let drive...

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Brought in my google plus backup

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About 5 years ago google plus went by by, but I made sure to export using their checkout feature all the posts.

Turns out that I was a pretty prolific poster there with about 250 posts. Each exported file was a way too cluttered blob of html and style code.

I had the goal of copying them into...

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AI generated image of a mushroom house - Midjourney


Mushroom House.png