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Mountain forest and lake


2023-12-07 Mountain lake and forest.png

Online tool for quick photo edits

@tags=tools, art, image-editing

I needed to drop out a background and turn it transparent, and I found this great site which allows you to do that and so much more with images: https://www4.lunapic.com/editor/

You can create animated gifs, do art style filters, do some basic drawing and modifications, etc.

Many of the thinks ...

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@tags=art, pen

2023-07-21 Chatbot.jpg

Ice Cream

@tags=art, spen

Ice cream 2023-05-13.jpg

McDonalds Breakfast

@tags=art, spen, food

McDonald's breakfast_2023-03-04.jpg

Santa & Elf Drawings

@tags=art, spen

Santa - 2022-12-20.png

Elf 2022-12-20.png


@tags=art, spen

Desk 2022-08-18.jpg

Concept art for space fighting game - 2022-07-26

@tags=space-battle-game, art, concept-art

Concept art for space fighting game - 2022-07-26.jpg

Mushroom Container

@tags=art, spen

Mushroom Container - 2021-12-25.jpg

Web based free replacement for photoshop

@tags=graphic-design, art

Pixlr photo editor really fulfills what I am looking for in a photoshop replacement without spending big bucks on what is basically 31 year old technology.

As someone who way the hell back in the late 90s liked to do silly things with mashing up different photos and doing...

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