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Created a new blog render

@tags=coding, blog, obsidian

I wiped out RobKohr.com as I haven't touched it in over 5 years, and replaced it with this blog.

It was built just using one long markdown file called blog.md that I edit in obsidian and each article is separated by ## Blog titles, and under that I use @date and @tags to specify those two value...

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A blog generator

@tags=blog, projects, announcements, github, open-source

And just like that, now we have a dead simple blog generator tool:

Github / dead-simple-markdown-to-static-blog-creator

This was used to create the site you are currently on!

A very very simple blog


This blog was created with a simple markdown file and a directory of images. Trying to come up with a good way to host it will be interesting

I should come up with a new username on twitter and domain name to match it.