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A new way to round - rand_round 2008-11-28

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So in grade school you are taught the basics of rounding. If the decimal portion of the number is < .5 round down to the integer so 5.3 becomes 5. If it is >= .5 round up, so 5.8 becomes 6.

This is well and good if you are doing something that has an even distribution after the decimal point. Bu...

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Head and tail - super large outputs and inputs

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If ever you are dealing with a really large file in head (1GB+) and you need to grab a large segment of it (such as half the file), don't use -n option to get lines. Instead, do ls -l to find the the size of the file in bytes, figure out how many bytes you need (perhaps a portion of the of the to...

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Politics And Small-Fry smashing in Massive Multiplayer games


Inselkampf is a game of diplomacy pretending to be a game of war. It mimics real politics in many ways. Small nations get trampled on so that the big get bigger, and the big nations have continual face offs that lead to few actual conflicts. When conflict occurs between big nations, there are mas...

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Blogger Post June 1, 2004


I just started a movie making group. I am pulling people together through craig's list and using yahoo groups as a forum. I also set up this site: http://moviemakers.robkohr.com

I figure this will be a fun hobby to start on. I always loved watching movies, I figure it might be intresting to make...

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Blogger Post May 23, 2004


Went up to play diplomacy in nyc and had a good time despite losing quickly.

Blogger Post May 19, 2004


Just bought a new cell phone,

It is pretty cool, and has a camera on the back

So I am going to start a little blog here with images from places I visit.


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Blogger Post Dec 31, 2003


Put up this fine web site I also put together my image gallery. Feel
free to browse around it and leave comments and stuff.

A little while back I had a video game night. I put the photos of that
night here.
It includes the final scoreboard of tournament.


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