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Tailwind is a css framework that with some html code that looks like this:

You can style your site without css.

Instead, you throw classes on dom elements and then tailwind will ladle some css on your element to get it to look the way you like.

As someone who has done scss for a long time, ...

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Password validation done better

@tags=coding, security

One of the most annoying user experiences is registering and trying to create a password that passes a bunch of validation rules, such as must contain a uppercase, lowercase, special character, etc.

This doesn't always create the strongest password, and more importantly it doesn't create the mo...

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Created a new blog render

@tags=coding, blog, obsidian

I wiped out RobKohr.com as I haven't touched it in over 5 years, and replaced it with this blog.

It was built just using one long markdown file called blog.md that I edit in obsidian and each article is separated by ## Blog titles, and under that I use @date and @tags to specify those two value...

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Stackoverflow instead of beating your head against the wall

@tags=stackoverflow, coding, programming

Often you will get deep in some code and come up against a wall. After working through it, and reading some documentation, if you haven't figured it out, it is time to go to stackoverflow.

I have been on stackoverflow for a little over 14 years now, and while I don't answer a lot of questions (t...

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@tags=coding, svelte

The best tutorial on it



#IdeaNeedsHackers Have a good idea that you want to get some hackers on board with? Just put it out there and use the #IdeaNeedsHackers  hash tag. You should state whether or not you can contribute to the development effort, or if this is just an idea that you want to kick out into the world and...

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After using mongodb for quite some time and building several systems with it,...

@tags=PHP, LAMP, MySQL, Nodejs, mongodb, coding

After using mongodb for quite some time and building several systems with it, I am starting to drift back into preferring structured data in a mysql db. 

I think the seco...

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A new way to round - rand_round 2008-11-28

@tags=blogger-post, coding

So in grade school you are taught the basics of rounding. If the decimal portion of the number is < .5 round down to the integer so 5.3 becomes 5. If it is >= .5 round up, so 5.8 becomes 6.

This is well and good if you are doing something that has an even distribution after the decimal point. Bu...

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Head and tail - super large outputs and inputs

@tags=blogger-post, coding

If ever you are dealing with a really large file in head (1GB+) and you need to grab a large segment of it (such as half the file), don't use -n option to get lines. Instead, do ls -l to find the the size of the file in bytes, figure out how many bytes you need (perhaps a portion of the of the to...

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