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No more blogging

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I created a google group here:


from now on status messages and updates will be posted there. A blog is very much a one way form of communication, and I feel it goes against the collaborative nature of a wiki service. This group will be where problem...

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cueFlash now on Slicehost

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After being on Dreamhost for a long time, I have switched for Slicehost. They have great uptime, cheaper prices, and allows you to do more geeky things with your webserver.

This isn't a big jab against Dreamhost though. I am still a big user of them, but their VPS service doesn't give me the...

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Editthis.info upgrade

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Editthis.info has gone through a major upgrade over the last week. It has been moved to a new database system (mysql->sqlite) and has been upgraded from mediawiki 1.5.5 to 1.15.1. This is basically a 3 year jump in versions.

Some of the reasons for the upgrade:
*Stability - The massive MyS...

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Character encodings for different languages

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Editthis.info now handles foreign characters properly (just tested cyrillic and french).

For those that are a little geeky, it seems that the php function htmlentities doesn't have a multibyte string version.

Server Errors

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There have been a lot of server errors recently, and they are the result of system resources being overwhelmed (using up system memory and processor).

I suspect that this is due to another app I have been working on - a real time web game called constantsail.com.

I am now setting up a separate ...

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EDI attacked

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It seems that editthis.info was attacked by a distributor of malware. I have reverted the site code that was modified and removed the offending code they added (they add iframe tags that make it so when you visit editthis.info, you were also visiting their site in the background).

I have sinc...

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Constantsail initial post

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I am working on a great new web game at: http://constantsail.com/ It is currently somewhere between alpha and beta phases, and I am

islandwarfare.com coming soon

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I am currently looking for users to beta test Island Warfare, which is a new game I am developing. In it you start with an empty island that you can build various types of buildings on, train soldiers, and sail off to conquer other players islands.

To sign up to become a beta tester go to: http:/...

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Image upload issues

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So Dreamhost recently locked out creation of new files on the account that hosts editthis.info. It turns out that that account had 250,000+ files, and huge file systems have been a problem for them regarding stability. Almost all of the files were in the image upload...

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Transfering old wikis

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Some of the wikis still reside on the previous server. There is now a transfer system in place. Simply go to your wiki's url and it will ask you if you want to transfer. Click the link and it will add you to the transfer queue.

If the transfer queue gets stuck (no wikis are disappearing off the ...

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Wiki Creation back up and running

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UPDATE: Ok, not quite working yet. Debugging...

Updated update: didn't really do anything, but it seems to be working now.

Editthis.info downtime

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Editthis.info will be down from Friday May 23rd to roughly Friday May 30th. My family and I are moving from New Jersey to San Francisco, California, and it will take about a week before the server is set up out there. My goal is to have it set up in 5 days, but I think 7 is more realistic.

I wil...

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cueFlash version 2 is here!

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The new version of cueflash is now out. It has been rewritten from the ground up with the following goals:
*Easier to add features to - my previous version was pretty poorly coded
*Decks are no longer copied when imported by new users - this created a bloated db
*People can edit each other'...

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EditThis.info .... fast

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The network seems to be back up to speed. I am still going to moving off the current ISP, as I haven't been happy with their service recently.

EditThis.info .... sloooowww

@tags=constantsun-blogger-post, editthisinfo

I am currently research new ISPs since recently it has had intermittent slowness/outages. I didn't really have a problem with them when they were out for a power outage, or a downed line, or a nearby transformer bursting into flame. That is just the way the network crumbles. Now it just seems to ...

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cueFlash version two!

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A new version of cueflash is in development and will be released shortly. It will feature deck ratings, ajax card loads (just loads the content of the cards to speed up card viewing), comments, and a cleaned up interface.

The current design (not really functional) is at:

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ConstantSun blog moved to blogger


In an effort to maintain information flows during down times, I have moved the ConstantSun status blog to blogger.

Please go here for to check for updates:


PS: Old posts will still be available [here](htt...

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