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I wrote this a long while back about a dream I had about a race that happens every year. This isn't a normal race, but one where participants can bring all manner of things to race with (skateboards, bikes, etc) but most chose to go by foot.

The race starts in the dark of night, in a dense ci...

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The Jumpers

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The Jumpers

The year was 2016, and researchers at the CTEX2 particle accelerator lab discovered a way to slow time around a local area to near zero. Anyone within this field would feel that they jumped forward in time in a flash.

Before long, the jumpBooth became a commercial product, retailing...

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Dolphin Dream


Had a crazy dream where I was preparing to climb up the cliff face of a cove. After stopping at a little wooden shack that rented out the climbing equipment I headed down to the water. It was a beautiful blue and it was cold and refreshing. The cove was a deep lake that was surrounded by huge cli...

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