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Update to "Tapping out at 20 reps"


Well, I started hitting walls with 20 reps for arms. It just is hard to get to 20 at the limits of what my arms can do, but using rep/weight calculations of the higher amount for 15 reps, I am able to achieve and upgrade my weights, even when I have been stuck for weeks at the limits of what I ca...

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3 exercises a day


So I have been doing two workout days for a while, and each one takes nearly an hour, and it becomes hard to get myself to be motivated to do it, it isn't a daily routine, and trying to fit in that big of a time block can be challenging during the day.

I thought about it a bunch, as this is the ...

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Tapping out a muscle group with 20 reps


I started doing a slight tweak to my workout routine.

I do 1 set per exercise, and push to do 20 reps of that set. If I don't make it, I rest for 30 seconds and try to squeeze out some more, and repeat until I hit 20 with minimal rest.

I write down the weight and the number of reps of my f...

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Doubled strength about 1 year since workout charting

strength spreadsheet 2022.png

So this marks about a year since I started charting my weightlifting journey, and for most of the exercises I have doubled my strength.

In my older age, I have found that more reps and less weight is the way to avoid pulling muscles - a thing that in the past has hampered progress, keeping m...

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How you move a mountain, one stone at a time

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I have been working out using a google spreadsheet to track workouts. I aim to do a 20 rep max each week for each exercise that is slightly above the previous week. So far, it has lead to a nice continuous improvement... assuming I don't ever skip weeks. Each time I skip more than 2 weeks it push...

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