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Instaboardgame.com - play board games instantly with friends

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Instaboardgame will be a place for people to instantly play and create boardgames with their friends wherever they may be.

Think of it like a big box of board game pieces that you can pull out and start playing with.

To start with, you create a table, then you can e...

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Shareable web based boardgame update

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Last month I made a doodle post of an idea for an instant online board game system.

Well, progress is coming along fast:

So far I have:

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Setup ssl websockets from node using nginx and certbot

@tags=nginx, nodejs, web-development, instaboardgame, websockets

Certbot is the tool from letsencrypt.org that lets you generate ssl certificates for your site without having to pay the likes of Verisign ever again. Basically I love the heck out of them for what they do.

Nginx runs on your server to redirect examplesite.com to loc...

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Started on a shareable web based boardgame system

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