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Weighted Task Chooser

@tags=projects, launched

Weighted task chooser is a command line node script that will select a randomly weighted task to do out of a tasklist markdown file.

So you have a list of tasks to do in a markdown file:

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Mix Match Domains

@tags=projects, launched

Generate domain names from keywords using mixmatchdomains.com


Glico rating system

@tags=projects, launched, open-source

Javascript implementation of glicko-2 rating system along with a ffa-team based setup.


Cueflash flashcard study tool

@tags=projects, launched

Cueflash is a study tool where you can create and share flashcards (cuecards). As you study with it, it will adapt to you and show you cards more frequently based upon how well you know them.



@tags=projects, launched

Editthis.info is a wiki hosting service where you can create your own wiki in seconds for free!