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Great life advice


This video is a great video listing life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUZ9VATeF_4

Concepts for work time


Allow 30 minute blocks for things, and only have one active task at a time. Count how many 30 minute blocks you use... this should be equal to the points... maybe? Not really very scrummy, but might be a good thing to track.

6 points a day = 30 points a week.z

7 days away from the time wasting websites


I have a problem with time wasting websites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. I start going down rabbit holes that suck away my work day.

As such, I am putting all social media sites on a 7 day time out. I have added them all to my /etc/hosts file so that visiting them just goes to an err...

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