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Cardboard Boat Regatta

@tags=fun, projects

Longview has an annual cardboard boat regatta, and I wanted to participate this year.

The theme was Christmas in July, and my daughter Chloe's favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas, so of course we had to do that.

I had my neighbor Scott and my son Jevon help with the construction.


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Weighted Task Chooser

@tags=projects, launched

Weighted task chooser is a command line node script that will select a randomly weighted task to do out of a tasklist markdown file.

So you have a list of tasks to do in a markdown file:

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ConstantSail doing surprisingly well

@tags=projects, constantsail

Constant Sail Pirates and Traders analytics seems to do consistently well despite being a page with no content on it other than an old video. I should make it a priority to make this game again with newer tech to support more users than before as there is just a continu...

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registered godotassetstore.org

@tags=projects, godot-asset-store, nginx, certbot

I just registered godotassetstore.org for the Godot Asset Store. It seems like it would be an easier name to share with people and the media than godotasset.store, which just seems a little odd. I'll have to set an nginx redirect for it on the server and set up cert...

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A blog generator

@tags=blog, projects, announcements, github, open-source

And just like that, now we have a dead simple blog generator tool:

Github / dead-simple-markdown-to-static-blog-creator

This was used to create the site you are currently on!

Godot Asset Store

@tags=godot, godot-asset-store, projects, in-progress, angular, nodejs

I started developing the Godot Asset Store a few weeks ago. It is built with Angular and node.js as the backend api with nginx as the frontend.

I am getting to the tricky parts now:

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Started working on the Godot Asset store

@tags=godot-asset-store, started-project, projects, godot

10/25/2019 is the day I started the Godot Asset Store, and so I am inserting this entry for that day. After creating my first godot app (the tutorial dodge game), and after years of dipping my toe into Unity but never making much of anything, I see great potential in Godot.

One of the biggest pa...

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Mix Match Domains

@tags=projects, launched

Generate domain names from keywords using mixmatchdomains.com



@tags=projects, island-warfare, webgame

I am working on a game at islandwarfare.com

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It will be a game where you build up the resources and units on an island and use them to capture other neighboring islands.

Glico rating system

@tags=projects, launched, open-source

Javascript implementation of glicko-2 rating system along with a ffa-team based setup.


ConstantSail Pirates and Traders

@tags=projects, suspended

Constant Sail is a pirate and sailing massive multiplayer game that is in development

Island Warfare

@tags=projects, suspended

Island Warfare will be a game where you build up your islands and the armies on your island to go take over other user's islands

Cueflash flashcard study tool

@tags=projects, launched

Cueflash is a study tool where you can create and share flashcards (cuecards). As you study with it, it will adapt to you and show you cards more frequently based upon how well you know them.



@tags=projects, launched

Editthis.info is a wiki hosting service where you can create your own wiki in seconds for free!