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One codebase to rule them all

@tags=web-dev, react, seo, adhd

A little over a decade ago, I went on a binge and made a bunch of web apps of various sorts:

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Easy instant github branch deployment

@tags=servers, web-dev, react

Want to have your server update itself whenever you deploy to a github branch? Piece of cake:


Thoughts on using grommet for web app design

@tags=web-dev, design, react

I used Grommet for a react project, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

Things I like

Things I don't like

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Next.js vs Create-React-App

@tags=web-dev, react

When doing react, I have on worked with CRA up until now. I just took over a next.js app, and when built and deployed, it is speedy, but didn't like some of the details of development:

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An attempted simple guide for react hooks.

@tags=react, programming, guides

React hooks is what got me to actually like React enough to make it my primary web development framework (at least at this date). They break away from the ugly class based heavily nested object form of React, and make it truly more functional, while giving allowances for managing state in a sta...

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Angular is just easier to make most web applications in than React

@tags=angular, react

UPDATE: My feelings about this have changed quite a bit, a follow up article is to come. The summary is that React has gotten so much easier with React hooks that my recommendations here have changed.

A little background

I did about 5 years of AngularJS (not newer Angular) development, 1.5 ...

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