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You have to check yourself

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I have various timers. I use to remind me to take time away from my screen to walk around, play some violin, lift weights, or just grab a cup of coffee and take a minute to chat with my wife and have a moment with the kids.

If I am deep in thought or work or even some distraction, I will skip ...

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Reddits fall - maybe turn Neverall into a Reddit clone?

@tags=reddit, neverall, social-media

Finish up the analytics part, and then create a reddit clone on Neverall. The url could be something like neverall.com/n and then the subreddit name. I could have neverall.com/g be for games, and neverall.com/s for sites, and neverall.com/p for projects, and neverall.com/b for blogs, and neverall...

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