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One codebase to rule them all

@tags=web-dev, react, seo, adhd

A little over a decade ago, I went on a binge and made a bunch of web apps of various sorts:

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Easy instant github branch deployment

@tags=servers, web-dev, react

Want to have your server update itself whenever you deploy to a github branch? Piece of cake:


Thoughts on using grommet for web app design

@tags=web-dev, design, react

I used Grommet for a react project, and here are some of my thoughts on it.

Things I like

Things I don't like

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Next.js vs Create-React-App

@tags=web-dev, react

When doing react, I have on worked with CRA up until now. I just took over a next.js app, and when built and deployed, it is speedy, but didn't like some of the details of development:

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