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Cloudflare effects on users

@tags=editthis.info, web-development

For the last few years I have been using cloudflare in front of editthis.info. On the 21st I dropped it, and saw an immediate decrease in average load times (from google analytics):

This was without any changes to the system at all, and with about 800-900 active users per day.

Also, as mentio...

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Setup ssl websockets from node using nginx and certbot

@tags=nginx, nodejs, web-development, instaboardgame, websockets

Certbot is the tool from letsencrypt.org that lets you generate ssl certificates for your site without having to pay the likes of Verisign ever again. Basically I love the heck out of them for what they do.

Nginx runs on your server to redirect examplesite.com to loc...

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