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Getting a little torn between svelte and SolidJS


I have been playing with svelte, and liking it, but things just seem to mysterious. With SolidJS, I know what to expect.

I got to creating some input components with svelte and started to do a registration form. Going to try again with SolidJS to build the same thing. Let's see if it goes a litt...

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On typescript

@tags=typescript, webdev

After working with typescript a lot on work projects, I typically skip it on personal projects as it just seems tedious at times.

Well, I just threw it into the neverall project while working on an alerting system, and by golly did it help clean up some things.

The issues I find are related t...

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Bringing things under one roof

@tags=webdev, seo

This is a great article about using subdomains vs subfolders for seo:

subdomains vs subfolders

I looks pretty clear that subfolders are the way to go.

With a single server with nginx on it, you can reverse proxy to multiple servers usi...

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Fontello - icon fonts generator


This is so cool! You can take and mesh together icons from different font sets along with svg images and define the names of the icons however you like.

This is the most awesome way to make an icon set for your website!

With this you can scale things as you like, and make icons any color you lik...

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Digital Ocean


Loving DigitalOcean.com vps. Only $5 a month for a base one, but if you are using it for development, you can snapshot it and shut it down, and only pay a few cents for the hours you had it running. 

Basically I treat snapshoting and shutting down like putting away my toys for playing with l...

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I used to work in e-commerce, and one term you might not heard of is called a...


I used to work in e-commerce, and one term you might not heard of is called an "abandoned cart." It is when a user is about to check out, but then leaves the site. This happens frequently, and many savvy e-commerce sites try to recover these abandoned carts.

If you got through much of the process...

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No database for node.js


So I have been using node.js and mongo for some time, and yeah, it works fine and all, but I am starting to wonder, why bother with a db at all?

When you are using PHP each load of a page restarts the PHP app, and the only way you can have any state stored for anything is to use some database sys...

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