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Writing it down


Writing things down is a way of thinking. Not a way of recording what you wrote. One way to do this is to create a TIL - today I learned.

Another way is to apply the...

The Feynman Technique

The Feynman Technique is a method named after the physicist Richard Feynman, designed to help indiv...

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Using 5x8 index cards for random notes and ideas

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I started working with using index cards for writing ideas similar to the slipcard (Zettelkasten Method). I started working with 3x5's but found they were too small to write ideas on. Now I am using 5x8's. This works well, because I use them in portrait orientation and they fit in the [box I got ...

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So many ways to write


I have gotten so interested in different writing systems lately. I have more notebooks than I know what to do with. I use a daily notebook.md file which I use to track work tasks. I have this blog, which is generated from a blog.md file. I recently got index cards and am trying to figure out ho...

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