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Downloading youtube videos

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If you ever have a need to download some video from youtube, this is the best tool I found: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp

It gives you lots of options for output sizes and types and can download channels and playlists.

Firefox youtube downloader add on

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It seems that any addon related to youtube downloading gets zapped form the Firefox and Chrome app stores. :(

Here is one I have used on Firefox that disappeared:

If you want to audit it before installing it, change the extension to zip, and unzip it (xpi is just a zip file). It looks like i...

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Popular YouTubers - look at their old stuff

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I kinda love going to a popular youtuber's channel, going to their videos section, and sorting by oldest.

What is now a polished producer of content that makes you feel intimidated to even attempt to make videos was once someone with a crappy camera, shooting in their back yard with a bad audio...

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Full vinyl albums on youtube

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This will list  recorded full albums on YT

full album vinyl - YouTube