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Artificial Intelligence vs Computational Intelligence

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Youtube video for this: https://youtu.be/wb9hVUk3SS8

These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and there are many conflicting definitions that sometimes switch the roles of these terms.

To me, artificial intelligence is the effort to simulate the real intelligence of humans. For this...

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Downloading youtube videos

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If you ever have a need to download some video from youtube, this is the best tool I found: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp

It gives you lots of options for output sizes and types and can download channels and playlists.

Firefox youtube downloader add on

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It seems that any addon related to youtube downloading gets zapped form the Firefox and Chrome app stores. :(

Here is one I have used on Firefox that disappeared:

If you want to audit it before installing it, change the extension to zip, and unzip it (xpi is just a zip file). It looks like i...

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Popular YouTubers - look at their old stuff

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I kinda love going to a popular youtuber's channel, going to their videos section, and sorting by oldest.

What is now a polished producer of content that makes you feel intimidated to even attempt to make videos was once someone with a crappy camera, shooting in their back yard with a bad audio...

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Full vinyl albums on youtube

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This will list  recorded full albums on YT

full album vinyl - YouTube